Supper Club


If there's one phrase that encapsulates Malaysia most in my mind, it's this - JOM MAKAN! Like Tarzan's wild jungle call, "let's go eat" is a powerful culinary exhortation to those around you to drop everything and to put two of life's most precious gifts first - FOOD and FRIENDS.

And why wouldn't you, in a nation that takes such pride in the notion of living to eat, and with a food history as multi-faceted and complex, it makes total sense.

But just as Tarzan would be lost without his little chimpanzee friend, good food on it's own only goes so far. The real driving force of this invitation to feast is the human spirit behind it - that of enjoying good food, together.

The MULEBIRD Supper Club is an attempt at capturing this spirit and bringing it, along with the Malaysian flavours it comes with, to these beautiful Bristol shores.

Each event provides an opportunity to showcase different dishes inspired by Malaysia's food heritage, with all meals cooked from scratch the slow way (curry pastes pounded by hand, bao buns rolled out and proved gently, good quality ingredients sourced carefully). As excited by the old classic Malaysian dishes as with the merging of new flavours and ideas, this supper club gets to feel the wrath of both.

If you're a fan of good flavours and the sharing of good times with others, head over to the tickets page to see what events are coming up, and let's go eat, together.